This sector has seen continuous growth over the last 10 years. The increasing demands from WTO members has led to increasingly more products being available in India. Goods from across the value and price range from Olive Oil to luxury brands are retailing in India. While the multiplicity of state taxes coupled with the difficulty of moving goods across state borders adds to the cost of retailing in India. Extremely high property prices are another deterrent for rapid development of upscale retail outlets.
There is a thriving "grey sector" of goods that are available often without proper import documents. This competes with the official channels. Mobile phones are a good example of this where the grey market prices are 20-25% cheaper than the official prices. Some states like Maharashtra have imposed a 25% VAT on mobile phones making it more attractive for frequent travellers to make their purchases in Delhi, for example.
The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife, said the Great David Ogilvy, yet we see instances of companies who think the Indian customer is a moron. I think a major auto manufacturer learnt this when they introduced their old models into India thinking the deprived Indian rich person would shell out big bucks for an outdated product. Needless to say the car bombed. Now all luxury car makers rush to put their latest models into the Indian market.

In 2011 there are still companies like Apple who insist on pushing old products into the market. When the iPad2 is on sale in the USA and other places, Apple has chosen to “launch” the older iPad in the Indian market. I wonder who will buy it when the later model is available overseas for the same price. Maybe some will sell but I think the rivals will steal a march over Apple if they continue to treat the Indian market as a “poor cousin”
Infrastructure includes telecom and power along with roads, ports and airports. This sector has seen double digit growth over the last 15 years and will continue to see such growth over the mid to long term. There are many projects funded by multi lateral lenders but the lack of quality standards and accountability lead to long delays and cost over runs.
We can provide information and guidance on this sector esp. in Ports, Roads, Power and Airports.
It is not for nothing that the World Bank ranks India 132 in its list of  Doing Business, the long and complex tendering process, the delays and often a desire to 'protect' locla interests make land acquisition a very painful process. One example of this is the Tata Nano project which had to move from its proposed location in  West Bengal to Gujarat.
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