What can we say? India can walk on water. The World Cup victory was a culmination of the wishes and dreams of a nation of one billion people. The heros in Team India were Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli and ofcourse the Captain M S Dhoni. The bowlers too performed flawlessly. The fielding was superb, fantastic cricket. This is the self image of a new India. No longer the has been in International Sports. This is one more step in becoming a World power. 

We at Raj Khalid Consultancy Pvt. Ltd are a team specializing in consultancy services :We are a team operating out of our own premises in Mumbai. We have an  in Bandra, which is the new financial and commercial district of Mumbai. All our staff are computer literate and fluent in the local languages . We are well known in this city of 19 million people. We are a small and straight dealing company with extensive contacts in West India due to our earlier professions.
We provide information about doing business in India and on the Indian Paradox. Some of these are: India is an English language speaking country but many professionals have poor communication and presentation skills. India has a legal system but there is a huge backlog of cases so trials can go on for decades. While it is easy to set up a JV due to the ease of understanding contracts in English, it is very difficult to get out of a JV.  The World Bank ranked India No 132 in 2009 in a list of countries on the ease of doing business. In 2010 India slipped to No. 133. We can help you to make sense of these paradoxes.
Brief overview of services
Handling incoming missions incl. B2B meetings and follow up.
Handling Delegations from overseas, arranging seminars and presentations, arranging B 2 B meetings.

We can do this by use of our extensive in house database, links with trade associations and Chambers of Commerce.

Preparing short and introductory presentations on India in general and specifically on West India which include details on sectors, tips on doing business and cultural differences which affect business.

Arranging individual visit programs for companies and agencies visiting India.
Market research sector summaries and reports
We can make tailor made reports for most sectors and products. These are based on desk research, personal interviews and site visits if necessary. We do not take any advance payments and guarantee that we will deliver what we agree to. In case the client is not satisfied we will rework the reports to the client's satisfaction.
We undertake all our work inhouse, we do not sub contract our research to any other third party.

Promoting investments into regions
India is now making more investments overseas than the total Foreign Direct Investments coming into India. India Inc. has deep pockets and are looking for investments globally. In this regard India is being wooed by several suitors. Each day there is a new potential investment seeker making a new pitch which is forgotten as soon as the next event comes to town. We have extensive experience in understanding the needs of the Indian investors and we can set up a total investment programme from initial lists, seminars and a follow up. We have a call down meu from which clients can pick and choose the services they would like us to provide. We can appoint a dedicated officer to be the face of a particular region, state our county in India, to encourage investments.
Advising individual companies on their search for indian partners
We assist foreign companies to seek potential partners for their business in India. We can offer a range of services from simple validated lists to a complete report on the sector and short profiles of the potential partners. We can also carry out a background check using a third party service provider. We can accompany the clients on their visit to the local partners and arrange the visit from start to finish and beyond with a follow up.
India is a country with a huge potential for doing business and making profits, yet the inherent contradictions in the country require the presence of a good strong local partner and we can assist in identifying such partners.
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